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Our achievements

  • Advocacy of state enterprise in the International Court of Arbitration (ICC), $ 44 million
  • Legal support of one of the candidates for mayoral position in pre-election campaign 2010.
  • Judicial support of president pre-election campaign 2010 on local levels
  • Reverse of Government Decree Concerning Pension Contribution for Private Entrepreneurs
  • Cars Evacuation is Revoked in Kyiv
  • Case "Karaoke on the Maidan"
  • Case "Koretsky vs. Ukraine"

Labor Law

Attorneys of the law firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” are ready to ensure following:
  • lawful correctness of business judgment in the sphere of labor relation with stuff;
  • logical design in solving conflict questions in the context of “employee – employer – chief of board”;
  • working out inner documentation (collective agreement, labor regulation, job description etc);
  • representation of enterprises in labor dispute in the Ukrainian courts, including disputable problem with state authorities (placement crevice, the foundation of social defense of invalids’ rights ets).
Excellent knowledge of labor law and its practical use, more than ten years experience of rendering legal redress to employers, including representation of their interests in courts instances allow us to solve the most difficult situation.
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