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Law of Intellectual Property

Attorneys of the law firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” have thorough knowledge in theory as well as practical experience in rendering legal redress in incorporeal right and are willing to offer:
  • working out (composing) copyright license agreement, licensing for using object of intellectual property, transfer of rights for objects of intellectual property and so forth;
  • expert contracts examination for law compliance and client’s interest;
  • legal protection and defense of authors’ rights, who has intellectual property and allied rights;
  • legal protection of individuals to whom rights for other objects of intellectual property belong, including merchandise mark, trade name, inventions, patterns, trade secrets, know-how, protection of domain name the list goes on;
  • legal in-depth analysis validities of claims concerning violation of copyright, other rights of intellectual property;
  • integrated legal redress of cases which refer incorporeal right.

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