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Our certificates and diplomas

  • Expert of the year
  • Diploma Europian Council
  • Media Law Institute
  • Pratsia&Zakon
  • Ukrainian school of political studies

Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights

Attorneys of the law firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” provide legal assistance in case of protection of human rights in such realms:
  • advocacy of nonproperty right, including right on name, right on individual person image, privacy and its invasion, rights to distribute information, to express thoughts and views ets;
  • consumerism as a result of buying consumer goods of poor quality or after its expiration date, commercial counterfeiting, low-quality work or rendering of services;
  • representing of legal entities or individual people in European Court of Human Rights (including but not limited by distributing information cases and freedom of thoughts and views, defence of property, access to justice, unsatisfying judgment);
  • other cases in human rights advocacy. 

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