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Our achievements

  • Advocacy of state enterprise in the International Court of Arbitration (ICC), $ 44 million
  • Legal support of one of the candidates for mayoral position in pre-election campaign 2010.
  • Judicial support of president pre-election campaign 2010 on local levels
  • Reverse of Government Decree Concerning Pension Contribution for Private Entrepreneurs
  • Cars Evacuation is Revoked in Kyiv
  • Case "Karaoke on the Maidan"
  • Case "Koretsky vs. Ukraine"

Electoral Law

Attorneys of the law firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” have practical experience in rendering legal redress in election campaign and are willing to offer:
  • comprehensive legal redress of election campaigns;
  • working out legal strategies in election campaigns;
  • campaign against illiteracy in the field of election legislation for employees of election headquarters, electoral districts, committees and observers;
  • appeal against the court decision, acts or inaction of Central Election Commission, local election committee other public or local authorities, their officials in case of electoral issues;
  • legal redress in covering election campaigns by mass media;
  • legal implementation of on-going election campaign, including relations with contracting party.

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