Criminal Law and Proceeding

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Criminal Law and Proceeding

The attorneys of the Law Firm have thorough knowledge in theory as well as wide and successful experience in providing legal services in criminal cases including but not limited by following:
  • legal defence of presumptive criminal, accused person at the stage of prejudicial inquiry or additional investigation, the attorney’s participation in litigation;
  • collection of evidence, preparation of procedural documentation;
  • taking reviews against decrees about opening a criminal case, about denial of criminal claim, about case termination, suspend the prejudicial inquiry, choosing of mesures of restraint and other procedural documents;
  • familiarization with materials of criminal case;
  • appeal of investigator's and procurator's actions;
  • working-out tactics and strategy of advocacy of suspect, accused or person on trial for a crime in process;
  • visitation of suspect, accused or person on trial for a crime in pretrial detention centre, temporary holding facility, in the institutions of deprivation or restraint of liberty;
  • advocacy of person on trial for a crime or convicted one during cognizance, at the stage of appeal or reversal of a judgment, appeal from judgment because of exceptional and new circumstances;
  • interest intermediation of witnesses, victims, civil plaintiff and civil defendant in criminal process at the stage of pre-trial investigation, cognizance, additional investigation, in the time of execution of the sentence;
  • preparing, filing and following civil claim in criminal process.

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