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Our certificates and diplomas

  • Expert of the year
  • Diploma Europian Council
  • Media Law Institute
  • Pratsia&Zakon
  • Ukrainian school of political studies

Corporative Law

The attorneys of the law firm has wide experience in solving corporate tasks, which come into being while companies are in processes of establishing, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, enforcement of corporative rights and its alienation, in particular:
  • registration of legal bogy of different organizational forms;
  • projects preparation of constitutive documents, legal support and its composing and signing;
  • legal support of calling and holding meetings of company’s participants and shareholders;
  • registration of a private businessmen;
  • NGO, charitable organization, co-operatives and other non-profit-making organizations registration;
  • change of participants, leadership, legal body, de jure address and providing other changes into constitutive documents;
  • winding-up of legal bodies and private businessmen;
  • legal support of emission;
  • legal groundwork of corporative changes in company/holding;
  • legal support of corporative contentious cases;
  • solving other corporative problems.