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Our certificates and diplomas

  • Expert of the year
  • Diploma Europian Council
  • Media Law Institute
  • Pratsia&Zakon
  • Ukrainian school of political studies

Administrative Law

The attorneys of the law firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” provide legal support on questions concerning mutual relations between parts of private enterprise on one hand and state or local authorities on another hand. We are ready to suggest:
  • legal replay for state or local authorities or its officers decision, acts or ineffectiveness;
  • preparing query answer, administrative agency rules, including state tax inspectorate, Office of Public Prosecutor, custom house, organization of fire safety, antimonopoly committee, protection of consumers other public bodies and institutions;
  • appealing of decisions, acts or ineffectiveness of state authorities and its officers in higher echelon, law machinery and in the courts;
  • appealing of testing results;
  • providing of other kinds of legal support in the realm of “private enterprising – state authority”.