Huge Scandal concerning Land in Kotsubynske: Procecutor Interfered

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Huge Scandal concerning Land in Kotsubynske: Procecutor Interfered


The price of land in Internet-announcement is twice time lower. It was 10, 000 USD and right now it is less then 5, 000 USD per for 100 square meters. Journalistic investigation which was held by “Ukrainska Pravda” and TV channel CTV provoked this situation.

According to the announcements one man provides selling of 30 hectares of greenfield area which are very close to the capital Kyiv. And this man made a comment in this announcement: “Urgent sale of land plots in village Kotsubynske. Forest and lake are nearby”. Prior Invest is a company which is trying to distribute all land.

The prosecutor of Irpin admitted that local authorities in Kotsubynske made an acquisition of land which is not included in the village borders. At the same time the prosecutor brought a case before the court in Irpin concerning revoking two resolutions of local authorities.

As mass media mentioned, local authorities in the village Kotsubynske had accepted a decision about land plots distributing for free to the citizens as a private property at the end of the 2008. On this land an old forest is growing.

This forest is not situated nearby. It grows directly on this land. Local authorities changed a status of the forest by its resolution which is being litigated by the prosecutor in the court.

The borders of this villager were violated by local authorities and it’s illegal, proclaimed the prosecutor of Irpin.

The journalistic investigation proved that this territory belongs to Kyiv. Authorities of the capital admitted that this land is only for their territorial community. Moreover, they accepted that forest is growing on this land. And nobody applied to this authority with a petition to have this land as a private property.

In general, the plan looks like following: local authorities in Kotsubynske gave land for citizens as a “private property”. The land is not a territory of this village. According to the announcement in the Internet all citizens are selling their property with a help of one man. And the selling process is well-organized.

Prosecutor’s reaction is simply a whitewashing and they react like this just to keep public peace. The prosecutor brought a case before the court concerning resolutions about violation of village borders. He didn’t mention that that the decision about lands alienation has to be disputed. – Admits an attorney-at-law Andrii Nechyporenko a he adds:

When we have the decision of the court it may turn out that nobody needs it, because all land would be resell. Taking into consideration the article 388 of the Civil Code of Ukraine nobody can take away the land from the owner if he is a fair customer, who bought this land for money. But State can initiate a long-time litigation for this owner. It can last during 10-15 years.

That is why such prosecutor’s acts is juridical fiasco, because they do not stop the procedure of illegal land plotting and the forest can be cut out and further land selling.

There are two possible variants: either prosecutor office didn’t look into a matter in a proper way, or it covers chief conspirator and executors of criminal land selling process.”

And it’s true that according to prosecutor’s letter we can’t find out that anything is done to prevent land selling or any manipulations with land while the case is being investigated in the court. And it has to be done in such cases, because after court’s decision it can be late – the land can change the owner several times.

The prosecutor office didn’t take into consideration that the forest is growing on this land and it’s a national endow. This forest according to the official papers became just vegetation. No criminal cases were initiated in spite the fact that local authorities violated village borders and plotted someone else property. Journalistic investigation goes on.

According to "Ukrainska Pravda".

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