Evacuation of Cars is Revoked – the Drivers Have Won in Kyiv

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Evacuation of Cars is Revoked – the Drivers Have Won in Kyiv


Unofficial sources confirm that active driver's citizenship in the capital of Ukraine forced the bureaucrats from Municipal Administration of Kyiv to admit that evacuation was illegal. The drivers wrote petitions which were addressed to the management of public utility companyKyivtransparkservice” and assert themselves. The drivers returned the cars for free.

Day by day a growing number of petitions were addressed to municipal authorities. The example of such petition was prepared by the lawyers of our Law Firm and it was published in mass media as well.

The deputy mayor Irena Kilchytska noticed that “from now the evacuation can be done only in legal framework”, the correspondent of RBK-Ukraine marked out. It actually means that Irena Kilchytska made a clean breast of evacuation illegalness before today.

The administrative Code of Ukraine and other laws had never foreseen and don’t foreseen now a car evacuation in case of parking rules violation.

The Order about temporal evacuation of a car and its safe-keeping on penalty areas and parkings was proved by the decree # 1102 of the Cabinet Council from 17.12.2008 isn’t a legal ground for car evacuation in case of parking rules violation.

The Ministry of Justice has registered the new order of Kyiven City State Administration. This document revoked the operation of the order # 41/104 which was made by Central Traffic Administration of Kyiv and by Central Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv.

The text of this document has not been given to public yet. That is why no one can find out its argumentation.

The attorneys-at-law of the Firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” regard such revocation of order # 41/104 by City State Administration as a attempt to take the lead, in other way this order had all chanced to be revoked by other governing institutions. Our attorneys-at-law congratulate all drivers with their victory.


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