Media-Business in Crisis and Before Elections

Our achievements

  • Advocacy of state enterprise in the International Court of Arbitration (ICC), $ 44 million
  • Legal support of one of the candidates for mayoral position in pre-election campaign 2010.
  • Judicial support of president pre-election campaign 2010 on local levels
  • Reverse of Government Decree Concerning Pension Contribution for Private Entrepreneurs
  • Cars Evacuation is Revoked in Kyiv
  • Case "Karaoke on the Maidan"
  • Case "Koretsky vs. Ukraine"

Media-Business in Crisis and Before Elections


  • Political Aspect

The number of Ukrainian TV channels is really huge if to compare it with the market of advertisement. Such a fact shows that a lot of TV channels cant be independent. Regional media outlets are mainly in intricate situation. Their editorial policy depends on local authorities or on oligarchs, who have their own political sympathy.

There will be less of unhiddenjeansduring next parliamentary elections, Natalia Ligachova considers like that. Every TV channel knows who is its owner and understands the way of informational policy.

Even if one of the political parties brings several millions of dollars to certain TV channel the owner of which has a filling of hostility towards this politicians then the probability is that this political party will receive a refuse and won’t have information support.

A new management on several TV channels have fired those journalists who were the veterans and employed young ones. Newcomers didnt work whentemnykywere used by state authority. Young journalists cant realize clearly theirs social mission, a chief-editor of magazineTelekritikanotices. Newcomers have real property and car loans when we all are in global crisis. Their cores can be not firm enough in the trying time.

  • Legal Aspect

Public television could play a big role in Ukrainian society now. National Radio of Ukraine corresponds to European standards more then less, a lawyer Taras Shevchenko considers like that. As for First National TV-channel it has been improved a little but it share and rate are extremely law. It means that people dont appreciate the TV-product which has such a quality.

The institution of public television hasn’t been formed yet. Medias social role is growing up when the crisis is in progress. Probably mass media can change long-running political misbalance, an attorney-at-law Andrii Nechyporenko pays everyone’s attention upon such a possibility.

The development of pro-social editorial policy on some TV-channels is quite possible according to what Natalia Ligachova says. She is sure that this niche will be occupied by news of non-central TV-channels to show-up them against the general media background.

  • Economical Aspect

Radio will be one of the most profitable media. One dollar which is invested into radio advertisement brings up to four dollars, notices the presenter of “Svoboda Slova” Andrii Kulykov.

The production of TV-advertisement coasts a lot of money and its prime-time transmission is too expensive. Sometimes the radio’s audience could be more segmented and it means for advertiser that it’s the best place to influence target audience.

A panel discursion is held within the framework of Alumnis Club of Ukrainian School of Political Studies.

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