Ideal Collective Agreement for Media Outlets

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Ideal Collective Agreement for Media Outlets


This collective agreement is ideal for employees, because it’s maximally suitable for those who work in media outlets, first and foremost for journalist. This agreement suggests informing those employees who has long-term service earlier then two months period, like it is prescribed in Ukrainian law.

Collective agreement among other things proposes employees to demand dismissal pay in a wider list of cases then it’s mentioned in Ukrainian law. The agreement has a statement according to which employer has to give more time for journalist who was dismissed to find another job.

Besides, collective agreement has a number of statements about working conditions, requirements for arrangement of the journalists’ work place, the list of conditions and circumstances according to which journalists can be direct into war zone and in case of emergency situation, the systems of encouragement and stimulation, compensation for employees, who don’t belong to indigenous population of place, where media outlet is situated.

Attorney-at-law Andrii Nechyporenko is sure, that collective agreement which is worked out can be base point for creative specialist of media outlet during collective bargaining and drafting an agreement.

The working out process of collective agreement was done by the attorney-at-law of firm Andrii Nechyporenko. Collective agreement became as a result of effective co-operation with Independent media trade union and with Media Law Institute.

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