Violation of Data Access by Constitutional Court of Ukraine

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Violation of Data Access by Constitutional Court of Ukraine


Two years ago the citizen of Ukraine Rodionova T. S. applies with an information inquiry into the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in which the following questions were asked:
  • what are the mass-media which were founded or co-founded by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine;
  • what is the sum in a budget of Constitutional Court of Ukraine in 2005 for financing these mass-media (in particular for each mass-media).

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine de facto gave an answer for information inquiry, but didn’t answer the questions per se. The attorney-at-law of the Law Firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” Andrii Nechyporenko in his article “By the Wrong Way of Court Practice in Cases about Data Access” proves that our judicial system considers an answer of any content as a proper answer on information inquiry.

Such kind of court practice doesn’t corresponding only law requirements in the data access field, but violate basic principles of the institute of citizens’ inquiries and deprive them of theirs right to receive information, which they asked.

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