Law Firm’s Attorneys-at-Law File a Charge Against the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

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Law Firm’s Attorneys-at-Law File a Charge Against the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


Two ex-employees of factory “Leninska Kuznia” took out a process against Yulia Timoshenko’s Cabinet of Ministers. Leading lawyers of the Law Firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” represent them.

Mykola Androshchuk and Nadiya Savytska are trying to receive two-room apartment, which have to be given by the factory “Leninska Kuznia”. The act of the court in favour of them hasn’t been executed during last 7 years. That is the reason why attorneys-at-law advised to file a charge against the country.

‘Damage which was made because of failure of authority to act, has to be indemnified by the state, that’s why we took out a process against the government’ – the attorney-at-law Andrii Nechyporenko marked. ‘We want to recover damages for ex-employees of “Leninska Kuznia” 1 000 000 hryvn’as for each of two of them, this sum includes commercial value of apartment plus moral damage’ – summarized Mr. Nechyporenko.

According to what he said, if this time the state won’t protect its citizens’ interests, then Law Firm’s attorneys-at-law plan to file a charge in European court of Human Rights.

Experts name Petro Poroshenko as a real owner of “Leninska Kuznia”

(from Ukrainska Pravda).

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