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Our achievements

  • Advocacy of state enterprise in the International Court of Arbitration (ICC), $ 44 million
  • Legal support of one of the candidates for mayoral position in pre-election campaign 2010.
  • Judicial support of president pre-election campaign 2010 on local levels
  • Reverse of Government Decree Concerning Pension Contribution for Private Entrepreneurs
  • Cars Evacuation is Revoked in Kyiv
  • Case "Karaoke on the Maidan"
  • Case "Koretsky vs. Ukraine"

Shevchenko Taras

Data protection law, media law, labour law, civil law, copyright law, administrative proceeding, applying into European Court of Human Rights.

Professional Curriculum Vitae
Mr. Shevchenko won the case “Koretsky and Others against Ukraine” in the European Court of Human Rights.

He is the author and co-author of a number of laws of Ukraine, such as: the Law of Ukraine “On the Introduction of Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning Guarantee and Free Organization of Human Right on Freedom of Speech” (passed at 2003) and new edition of the Law of Ukraine “On National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine” (passed at 2005). Taras Shevchenko is the author of the Law of Ukraine “On Public television and Radio Broadcasting in Ukraine” (didn’t pass at 2005). He is as well the author legislative propositions to the Law of Ukraine “On Television and Radio Broadcasting” (passed at 2006) and the Law of Ukraine “On Advertising” (passed at 2003), as well as displacing electoral law (2005, 2007).

He was in charge of Independent Expert Council Concerning Mass-Media Activity during Elections at 2006 and 2007. Right now he is as well a member of advisory agency under the jurisdiction of the Committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine concerning television and radio broadcasting.

Mr. Shevchenko and his colleges founded NGO “Media Law Institute” and became in charge of it at 2005. He was elected as a member of National Committee of Freedom of Speech Approval and Development of Information Sphere under the jurisdiction of the President of Ukraine by President’s decree from July 2006. 

He began his professional activity at 1997 as an assistant-adviser of a Member of the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

He got high education in Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv and graduated the faculty of law with honour at 1999. He as well studied abroad. He worked in international organizations, such as International Fond “Vidrodzhennia” and Internews Network.

Civic Activity

Participant of Democracy and Supremacy of Law Program – Stanford University (USA, July-August 2007).

Participant of Media Law School – Oxford (Great Britain, June-August 2003).
Participant of school of Human Rights – Birmingham University (Great Britain, September-November 2002).

A member of International Association of Media lawyers (from December 2004).
Competence in Languages

English - proficiency.
Publications and Commentaries

Mr. Shevchenko is the author of more then 100 publications on the questions of regulation TV and radio broadcasting’s activity, legal support of National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council’s independence, protection of journalists’ rights, state information policy.

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Shevchenko Taras
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