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Our certificates and diplomas

  • Expert of the year
  • Diploma Europian Council
  • Media Law Institute
  • Pratsia&Zakon
  • Ukrainian school of political studies

Nechyporenko Andrii

Director, partner and one of the co-founders of the Law Firm.

 TV channel CTV admitted Andrii Nechyporenko as an expert of the year in the field of labor, civil, administrative law.

The most famous cases and achievements are following:

  • Judicial support of one of the candidates for President in pre-election campaign 2009-2010.

Civil law, legal support for entrepreneurial business, labor law, media law, copyright law, tax law, family law, civic, economic, administrative proceeding, applying into European Court of Human Rights.

Professional Curriculum Vitae

Together with Natalia Subota they started their own juristic business in law firm “Natalia Subota and Partners” at June 2006 and the aim of such cooperation was to realize mutual ideas in providing legal aid.
Andrii Nechyporenko successfully passed the exam for getting the barrister’s license at 2005.

He started his work as an associate lawyer under the supervision of one of the partners lawyer Natalia Subota in attorneys-at-law “Konnov & Sozanovsky”, which is in top-10 among law firms in Ukraine.
In this attorneys-at-law was his professional advancement and the gain of unique experience and deep professional knowledge came off. He has an opportunity to work at a great number of legal problems and to try hand in different branches of jurisprudence as well as to communicate with a lot of people, gaining experience and theory.
He started professional activity at 2001 by granting legal aid for individuals in one of the first and most successful “Legal Clinic” in National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

The graduation from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy was at 2003 with honour, where he had his higher education.
Civic Activity
A member of Ukrainian Bar Association (from 2006).
A participant of Summer Media Law Institute (at 2006).
A participant of Ukrainian School of Political Studies (at 2007).
Probation in Summer University of Democracy (Council of Europe, European court of Human Rights at 2007 Strasbourg).
Competence in Languages
English (upper-intermediate).
French (upper-intermediate).
Publications and Commentaries
More then 150 publications in printed matters on the questions of professional specialization and commentaries in newspapers, on TV channels and other media outlets like BBC, 1+1, Inter, CTV, Novyi Channel and others.

Publishing house HRD which consists of magazine "Pratsia&Zakon" and "Upravlenie personalom" is thankful to Andrii Nechyporenko for practical suggestions, expert opinion and articles in 2012.
Personal Characteristics
Responsibility, decency, diligence, communicability, disquisitive powers and managerial abilities.

Leading lawyers

Nechyporenko Andrii
Shevchenko Taras
Brykaylo Yuriy